Partner With a Market Leader

With an existing customer base built from offering related products, chances are you are already set up with the core services necessary to become a successful ZENNER partner. Adding a world class line of metering and meter reading equipment and services to your present offerings is a natural complement that will help your business grow. The broadest product line plus the most extensive manufacturer equals success.

When you partner with ZENNER, you are partnering with a market leader backed by over 113 years of metering and meter reading experience. With products covering residential, commercial, industrial, and sub metering markets, ZENNER gives you more product options than any other manufacturer, translating into more satisfied customers.


Distributor Evaluation Visit

Zenner wants to assure its customers that our distribution channel that represents us is of high quality and of high standards. A visit by our regional sales manager is the final step toward becoming a ZENNER reseller partner. The below evaluation is what is done to determine a good ZENNER partner fit.


Areas for Evaluation (Pass/Fail)


Financial Analysis                                        D&B and/or other independent source of company financials


Market Analysis                                           Market of Principle Responsibility (MPR) overview by current and future

  • What types of products the distributor uses today as a primary business?

  • What they want to position themselves for in the future?

  • Current list of customers or references.


Sales and Marketing Approach for            Marketing/Business Plan for the next:

Small Power Systems                                   -     6 months tactical

  • 12 months tactical/strategic

  • 24 months strategic


  • Shows

  • Advertisement

  • Private Showing

  • Targeted Customers

Unit Volume Commitment:

  • 12 months

  • 24 months


Planned Investment                                      Personnel







Areas for Evaluation (Pass/Fail):


Facility Audit                                                                        Buildings

                                                                                    Assembly capability


                                                                                    Service Capability


Evaluate Completed Project                                   Look at quality of distributors

                                                                                    Services on other products


Potential Customer Visits                                        Small Municipal

                                                                                    Major accounts

                                                                                    Engineering firms


Employee Audit                                                        Service


                                                                                    Management (ownership)


Open Discussion                                                       Resources vs. needs

                                                                                    Setting expectations

                                                                                    Discuss how needs will be met

                                                                                    Decide if there is a match



FINAL Evaluation



Criteria for Determination


Rating from 1 to 5

  1. Geographical Focus



  1. Meter and AMI/AMR Systems Background



  1. Packaging Systems Background a Plus



  1. Strong Service Capability



  1. Strong Sales Capability



  1. Strong Engineering Capability



  1. Active Marketing



  1. Services Multiple Markets and Customer Types



  1. Strong Customer Loyalty



**Total (total out of a possible 45)



*Scoring less than a 3 in any 2 categories will disqualify distributor until score can be raised.

**A total score of 24 or less will disqualify distributor until score can be raised.



Discuss Marketing and Sales Plan                          Fine tune

                                                                                    Set milestones and dates

                                                                                    Define investment for both parties


Sign Agreement                                                        Fill in attachments

                                                                                    Set 12-month and 24-month goals


Define Commitments                                               Show support


                                                                                    Training (sales and technical)

                                                                                    Customer visits

                                                                                    Sales and marketing assistance